In 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm PhD created the Chemex Coffeemaker. The design ensures that the coffee is made without imparting any of the coffee maker’s own flavors into the coffee. It is created using non-porous, borosilicate glass. The first Chemex is on permanent display at MOMA New York and other fine museums.

The Chemex consists of an narrow-waist glass flask and uses proprietary paper filters. These filters are made of chemically bonded paper that is thicker than standard coffee filters. This ensures a higher degree of filtration.

We recommend you freshly grind your coffee to the size of sea salt and then weigh out a coffee to water ratio of 1:16 (25g coffee : 400g water). This will ensure maximum coffee extraction and full flavor.


The first step to brewing is actually preparing the filters. Fold the half-moon filter in half, so the small half circle makes a rounded triangle. Fold that small rounded triangle down so that the filter is one, large triangle. Fold that triangle in half.

Place the filter in the Chemex with three layers of paper facing the spout. Rinse filter with boiling water and discard water. Rinsing the filter removes any paper taste of the filter and the hot water will preheat the Chemex.


Using your weigh scale, weigh out 25g of coffee beans (50g for two cups). Fill kettle with 400g of water (800 for two cups) and heat water. From here grind your coffee to the correct grind level. We recommend sea salt size.


After your water has boiled, let it settle for about a minute. Once cooled off a tad, start your timer and pour 50g (100 for two) of water to saturate the coffee bed. Allow your coffee to bloom for 30 seconds. Don’t skimp on this time as it allows the grounds to open up and let the trapped carbon dioxide to escape ensuring you get a well extracted full cup of coffee.


Now slowly pour the water in concentric circles. Add another 50g-100g of water to raise the water about halfway up the cone. Let the water drip out and then continue to add the water slowly in stages, 50-100g of water at a time. Once you have about 100g remaining, pour it into the center of Chemex, Try to add all water into the Chemex within 3 minutes.


Once all the water (400-800g) has been added, let it completely drain into the reservoir. The total brew time should take about 4 minutes.