Hario v60

Hario, founded in Tokyo in 1921, started by producing and selling physical and chemical-use glass products culminating in 30 years of research to produce the Hario Glass. In 1949, Hario launched its first home product: a glass filter coffee syphon. By 1957, this had become a cloth filter coffee syphon.

This work culminated in the creation of the v60. It is only about a decade old, but it is has won many awards. The name comes from vector 60, the 60º angle of its cone. It was designed for high thermal conductivity which, due to better heat retention, leads to a better extraction. It is a great every day method for easy, delicious coffee time after time.

We recommend you freshly grind your coffee to the size of grains of sand and then weigh out a coffee to water ratio of 1:16 (25g coffee : 400g water). This will ensure maximum coffee extraction and full flavor.


Weigh out 15g of coffee beans. Grind these beans to the size of grains of sand. Now fold the perforated edge of the v60 filter in. This will ensure the filter sits flush with the v60 and place the v60 on top of a coffee pot. From here place the filter into the v60. Purify the filter by pouring boiling water through the filter. Then discard the water.


Next pour the coffee grounds into the v60 filter. Ensure the grounds are level and then make a small indentation in the center of the grounds using your finger. Tare the scale.


After the water has boiled and sat for a few seconds, pour 30g of water to saturate the bed. Let the coffee bloom for 30-45 seconds.


Now pour another 150g of water in very slowly in concentric circles onto the coffee grounds. This should take 30 seconds. Increase your speed and pour another 250g  of water (or remainder) into the v60. The brew should be done and drained within another minute.


Finally your coffee is done and ready to enjoy. Feel free to swirl the coffee to ensure everything has been fully extracted.