Standard Pour Over

We love many different types of coffee brews, but the standard pour over will forever remain our favorite. This can be used for any specific pour over coffee makers. If you want specific brew guides for a specific pour over coffee maker, please consult those brew style guides.


Bring your water to a boil. We try to shoot for at least 20oz of water.


Grind up your coffee beans to maximize freshness, aroma and the overall coffee drinking experience. Use a grinder and measurement scale to grind up approximately 30 grams of coffee (3 tbsp).


Insert your filter into your dripper. We recommend pouring some hot water into the filter and pouring out the water before adding your grounds. This will help ensure you don’t get a papery taste mixed into your coffee. After dumping the excess water, you’re ready to move onto the next step.


Add your grounds to the filter. Tap the side of the filter to ensure that the grounds are level. This will ensure that you’re soaking your grounds as consistently as possible. Put your dripper on a carafe or cup and set it on a digital scale. Zero out your scale and get ready to move onto the next step.


Start a timer and begin pouring water slowly over the coffee. In total the pour should take about 15 seconds and all the grounds should be saturated. Usually you need about 60 grams of water to accomplish this.

You should pour your water in a steady spiral motion over the grounds. Starting on the outside and then working your way to the center of the grounds. When the hot water first hits the grounds, you will see the coffee “bloom”. This is due to a chemical reaction between the coffee and water that opens the grounds. If you skip this step your coffee will not be as aromatic or delicious as it could have been if you had waited for the coffee to bloom.


After the coffee has bloomed, continue to pour water over the grounds. This time start pouring at the center and work your way to the outside edge of the grounds using a spiral motion. Then reverse this motion and go back to the center to ensure the grounds are soaked. In total you should have added approximately 90 grams of water. From here wait about 45-60 seconds before moving to the next step.


After all the water has dripped out of the bottom of the filter, go ahead and pour some more water onto your grounds. Use the same pattern you used in the previous step. In total you’re shooting to pour about 100 grams of water over the course of 15-20 seconds. Now wait until all the water has dripped out of the filter.

Repeat this step one more time and then you’re ready to enjoy your coffee!