Our Commitment to the Environment

The importance of supporting our environment cannot be understated. Any environmental changes can have long term impacts on the quality and growing conditions.

However, in recent years climate change has become the biggest threat to coffee industry.

Extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts, floods and tropical cyclones have increased in frequency and intensity in recent decades, threatening the sector.

Today, most of the world’s coffee farmers live in a zone known as the bean belt, an area of around 70 (mostly developing) countries including Guatemala, Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

In 2016, a report commissioned by Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand, shows that increasing temperatures and extreme weather events could cut the area suitable for production by up to 50 percent, erode coffee quality and increase coffee prices for consumers.

The report illustrates how areas suitable for growing coffee could halve in a few decades, pushing production upslope, away from the equator and into conflict with other land uses, such as nature conservation and forestry.

This will further impact the natural world and the livelihoods of many farmers and their families.

As a result, Fairtrade is working with commercial partners and coffee farmers on climate-focused projects.

These projects seek to prevent more greenhouse gases from being produced and provide technical and financial support for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Find out more about climate neutral coffee.

The Black Pepper Coffee Company is committed to carbon neutrality and the pursuit of becoming carbon positive. We have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant at least one tree for every order placed. It only costs a dollar for a single tree. 

Help support our commitment to the environment today!