Picking a Quality Coffee

People are oftentimes being dupped by big coffee brands or subpar roasters. We think that everyone should have access to coffee that is delicious and provides them a luxurious drinking experience. Below is some information we think you need to know in order to find the best coffee for you.


When your coffee lacks any information on the origin, you’re likely being dupped on the quality of the coffee. Why? When you know the name of a region, co-op, farm or additional information as to where a coffee originates, you can follow up and confirm the quality of the coffee. You can find all the information regarding the growth and development of the coffee.

You can also see whether or not the coffee was grown ethically. You can confirm the  Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certifications which will provide all the information you need on the quality of the coffee and the sustainability of the farms. One way to quickly check this is to simply choose a coffee that is certified organic. This helps assure the beans are free from pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.


Coffee should generally be used within a month of the roast date with the peak flavor hitting 7-10 days post-roast. See our article on how long coffee lasts.

Look for a plastic seal with a small hole in the center on the coffee bag. This is a one-way air valve that allows the CO2 emitted by the coffee to leave, but keeps out oxygen. Exposure to outside air speeds up the aging process.


If you love dark roasts, then that is totally fine. If you want to experience the full flavor of the coffee, then we recommend you pick a light or medium roast. As we mentioned in our article on coffee roasting, if you roast coffee too long the caramelization process will result little flavor and minimal unique characteristics.

The short answer is that coffee brands with subpar coffee, can hide it with a dark roast whereas with lighter roasts they aren’t able to do so due to the flavors.


When you grind your own coffee, you begin to experience coffee to the fullest. Coffee is best shortly after grinding because it has had minimal exposure to the air. The flavor of the beans have been retained for as long as possible. Buying coffee that has been pre-ground may still be good, but the oxidation process has been accelerated which means that the coffee will go bad quicker than normal.