The siphon coffee maker is among the most dauntingly beautiful coffee makers on the market. An early version of it can be traced back to a man known as Loeff of Berlin in the early 1830s.

It is beautifully designed and harkens back to chemistry experiments. This method combines total immersion brewing (French Press) with filter brewing (v60), resulting in a full-bodied and exceptionally clean cup.

Though it may seem daunting and overly complex, it is quite simple to use. The water in the bottom chamber is heated and gases start to escape, a vacuum is created which moves the coffee to the top chamber. After the flame is extinguished, the air in the bottom chamber begins to cool, causing another vacuum and pulling the coffee down.

We recommend you freshly grind your coffee to the size of grains of sand and then weigh out a coffee to water ratio of 1:12 (25g coffee : 300g water). This will ensure maximum coffee extraction and full flavor.


Soak your filter in warm water for at least five minutes. Then drop it into the bottom of your siphon’s top component (hopper) and hook to the bottom of the hopper’s glass tubing. Fill your siphon’s bottom component (bulb) with 300g of hot water. Insert the hopper, filter and all, into the bulb. Ensure that it's securely in place. Position the entire assembly above your heat source.


While the water is heating, measure out grams of coffee beans and grind it to the size of sand. Soon, the water in the bulb will begin boiling and a vacuum will cause the water to rise up into the hopper. Once the water has moved into the hopper, turn your heat source down so that the water is between 185-195 degrees F.


Add your coffee, and carefully submerge it below the water. Let the coffee brew, for 70 seconds. In one brisk motion, remove your siphon from its heat source and stir it between 8-12 times.


Wait for the coffee to be drawn down into the bulb and the grounds have been separated in the hopper. Remove the hopper and serve. In order to guarantee the most complex cup, give the coffee a few minutes to cool.